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    The Zuga Dental Implant System is one of the easiest systems to learn. We strive to provide all of the pieces needed to place implants. For items we don't directly manufacture, we've partnered with premier vendors to bring our customers a full complement of high quality, innovative products.

    Implant and Abutment

    The Zuga Implant System has many features which appeal to implant dentistry practitioners:

    Bone level dental implant

    Bone Level Dental Implants – Bone level implants are great when there is limited vertical space from the implant to the occlusal surface. Bone level implants have also shown less marginal bone loss when compared to tissue level implants after one year.






    Dental implant/abutment fit


    Implant/Abutment Fit – Zuga’s specially designed taper, anti-rotational hex and fixation screw guarantees maximized implant-abutment stability. By incorporating a conical, low-angle taper approximating a Morse Taper into the design of our implants, we are able to direct the forces placed upon the crown of the dental implant down to the implant itself, which reduces stress on the Crestal bone.




    Implant dentistry platform switching



    Platform Switching – Zuga dental implant system has a standardized platform switch which allows the implants to be cross-matched with any diameter Zuga abutment. For example, a 5.0mm implant can be matched with a 3.5mm abutment, allowing space for bone and soft tissue integration.




    Dental implant margin ring


    Margin Ring – The margin ring transports the margin information needed to make the perfect crown. The margin ring eliminates the use of the impression cop­ing, implant analog, and wax sleeve.







    Implant dentistry toolkit

    Implant Toolkit

    A crucial part of the dental implant system, Zuga’s toolkit is designed to be durable and user-friendly. Each dental implant toolkit has the necessary punch, drills and ratchet required for any Zuga procedure. Worried about over-drilling?  That’s not an issue. Each one of our drills have an automatic stop at the desired depth to prevent over-drilling.





    Dental implant bone graft

    Bone Graft

    We are proud to provide bone graft material in plug, powder, or putty form, as well as collagen membranes.




    Implant Motor and Handpiece

    We have partnered with NSK to bring you both lines of their highly rated implant motors. From entry level implantology to seasoned surgeon, NSK has an implant motor to fit your needs.  These high quality motors will give you the speed and torque you need to make the implant dentistry simple, fast and secure.



    Dental implant motor and handpieceImplant dentistry motor and handpiece


    You’ve seen our dental implant system, now see how simple implant dentistry can be when you choose Zuga. Learn more.


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