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  • Why Partner with Zuga?

    Zuga as your partner

    There are so many implant companies; what makes Zuga so special? We make a simplified solution for doctors that want to place a basic implant. The doctors that partner with Zuga enjoy our simplified system because of our detailed training and post-sales support.

    If you’ve ever looked through most implant catalogs you know that you have to be a part time researcher to figure out which products are right for you. Most doctors do not have the time as they are busy with every day treatments. The typical Zuga doctor isn’t trying to become a specialist or place dozens of implants per month. Most of the doctors we work with are general dentists who want to be able to offer the right solution to their patients. Our goal is to have each doctor be able to not only explain the benefits of implants over other restorative techniques, but to also be able to perform the surgery and the restorative procedure.

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