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Improve Your Life

30 Minutes is the average length of a single implant procedure – but the benefits can last a lifetime!  Click on the video above and see what an implant process can be like.

  • Get Back to Normal

    Bite into an apple or sticky candy without worry.

    Smile and meet people with confidence.

    Forget that you even have a missing tooth.

  • What is a Dental implant?

    Science has found that pure titanium in the form of threaded implants will usually integrate at a microscopic level with the bone in your jaw. 

    Dental implants include a connection area on their top that attaches to something called an “abutment” and this abutment connects to a dental crown that covers up the abutment and can look exactly like any other crown.

  • Why should I have an Implant rather than a 3-unit-bridge?


    Implants don’t damage the teeth next to the missing tooth.  For a 3-unit-bridge, the dentist must grind down the teeth next to the missing tooth, potentially reducing their life.


    Implants usually last for your life-time – bridges sometimes have to be replaced – so implants can be the long-term low cost solution.


    Implants preserve bones, minimizing bone loss that often occurs with a 3-unit bridge, thus helping maintain facial contours as you age.


  • Can a denture or a bridge be connected to multiple implants?

    Dentists use implants to retain bridges or dentures. Implant retained protheses do not require adhesive, do not move around in your mouth, and typically aren’t removed except when you or your dentist want to clean it.  Also, implant retained protheses can have stronger chewing functionality as well.

  • Ask your dentist about the Zuga Implant System!

    They know more about your particular needs and will be very happy to advise you on the best clinical solution for you personally.