• What are the diameters of Zuga implants?

    3.5mm, 4.3mm, 5.0mm.

  • What lengths are offered?

    Each diameter is available in 4 lengths: 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 15mm.

  • Do Zuga implants have any kind of surface treatment or coating?

    Yes, Zuga’s implants have a blasted surface with a proprietary acid wash based surface treatment process.

  • What kind of implant/abutment connection does Zuga have?

    Zuga’s implant abutment fit is a tapered connection, similar to a Morse-taper, that makes for a high strength solution. Our standard abutments include an anti-rotation hex.

  • Can I platform switch?

    Yes, any diameter Zuga abutment will fit onto any diameter Zuga implant.

  • Are Zuga implants rated for immediate load?


  • What material is used to make Zuga implants?

    Mill-specified, cold-rolled commercial pure Grade 4 titanium.

  • What material is used to make Zuga abutments?

    Same high quality material as the implants. Mill-specified, cold-rolled commercial
    pure Grade 4 titanium.

  • Where are Zuga implants made?

    Made in the USA from Titanium rod that is made in the USA.

  • Does the Zuga Implant System have FDA Approval?

    Yes. 510(K) K122664.

  • What kind of warranty do you offer with Zuga implants?

    If a failure occurs within 3 years of placement, no matter what the reason is, we will replace the implant at no cost.

  • Can I swap out implants or parts if they are unopened?

    Yes, we will swap out any Zuga component at no cost to the doctor within 2 years of sale date, as long as they are still in their sealed, sterile packaging.

  • What tools are included in the Zuga Tool Kit?

    Pilot drill, Gum Punches, Twist Drills, Dense Bone Drills, Tap Drills, Parallel Pins, Ratchet with Restoration and Implant Adaptors.

  • What is my full cost to begin placing Zuga implants?

    Zuga offers a promotional package for $9,995 that includes 25 Patient Kits (each of which has one of each of the following: Implant Kit, Abutment Kit and Bone Graft Plug), Tool Kit, Implant Motor and Handpiece, and Training Course.

  • Can I use my own implant motor if I have one?

    Yes. Please reference our IFU for settings.

  • Can I use other implant components with Zuga implants?

    No, Zuga’s Implant System, consisting of implants, abutments, other components and tools, only work together as a complete, matching, mating system, and cannot be used with other implant systems. Similar components of other implant systems cannot be used with the Zuga Implant System.

  • Can I use an intra-oral digital scanner with the Zuga Implant System?

    Definitely – we encourage it. We also encourage use of CBCT systems and use of typical dental implant planning software and the use of surgical guides.

  • Can I use any dental lab I want with the Zuga system?

    Yes, a Zuga rep can speak to your lab technician if there are any questions on the Zuga implant or any of the restorative parts.

  • Can Zuga abutments be prepped by the dentist?

    Yes, all Zuga abutments can be modified extra-orally.

  • Can I sterilize your entire drill kit or do I have to sterilize each individual piece?

    The entire tool kit can be placed in an appropriate pouch and autoclaved using standard procedures as described in the Zuga Implant System IFU.

  • Do I need to autoclave the Zuga implant?

    No. The Zuga Implant is supplied in a sterile form. You can remove the implant from the vial using instructions provided in Zuga’s IFU. A Zuga implant should never be autoclaved.

  • How long is Zuga’s Implant Training Course?

    Our introductory training course is 8 hours, which includes lecture, hands-on, and a live surgery for participants to observe.

  • How do I take an impression using the Zuga system?

    We have standard open and closed tray impression posts for use with traditional impression material. We have a scan body for use with intra-oral scanners. And we have Zuga’s unique Margin Ring, that can be used in conjunction with the standard Zuga Abutment eliminating the need for any impression posts or retraction cord/paste, while improving the quality of the margin.