Zuga DLP-200 3D Printer for Fast and Accurate Chairside 3D Printing
  • Zuga DLP200 3D Printer for Fast and Accurate Chairside 3D Printing

    For dentists wishing chairside 3D Printing or surgical guides, models, and temporary prosthetics, Zuga’s DLP200 3D Printer offers a cost effective solution that outperforms any printer offering chairside performance.



Surgical Guide

Dental Model

Temporary Crown/Bridge


DLP Rapid Technology Makes Everything Possible

Printing Prop‚Äčerties

ZugaLink DLP200 3D Printer
Better Performance

Common Brand 1

Common Brand 2

Technology DLP DLP SLA
XY Resolution 20μm 95μm 25μm
Z Resolution 1.25μm -- --
Layer Thickness 10~100 microns 50/100 microns 25 –300 microns
Printing Speed 0.2-1.5 h 2-4h 3-6h
Materials All 405 nm
Photopolymer Resin
Proprietary Resin Only Proprietary Resin Only
3D Print Applications -Surgical Guide
-Dental Model
-Occlusal Guards
-Crowns & Bridges
-Surgical Guide
-Dental Model
-Occlusal Guards
-Surgical Guide
-Dental Model
-Occlusal Guards

Zuga Offers a Turnkey Solution for One Low Price

When you purchase Zuga’s DLP1—Chairside 3D Printer, you receive a full chairside digital 3D printing lab.  A turnkey solution, all for only $6,995.

Zuga’s DLP200 3D Printer comes with the following:

  • Zuga DLP200 3D Printer with 120V Power Cable
  • Comprehensive, easy to use instructions
  • IR Curing Station
  • Polymer Release Film
  • Release Film Underlay
  • Network Cable (for users without WIFI)
  • Use and maintenance accessories
  • Grease 
  • Cleaning Cup
  • Syringe
  • Tweezers
  • Scoop
  • Film Ruler
  • Side-cut Plyers
  • Screwdriver

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